Walleye Fishing

The primary attraction of our lodge is the fantastic Walleye fishing. We are the only lodge on the lake, and implement a catch and release policy of spawning size Walleye (over 22") must be released. We also have backcountry portage lakes, with Walleye and Pike, that you have to quad to. We are located on Murray Lake, with the only drive-in access, which is one of Ontario's secret gems for great Walleye fishing. Not too many people know about the great fishing thus the lake receives much less fishing pressure than the surrounding lakes. This lake has 2840 acres of fresh nutrient rich water making it prime Walleye habitat. The size of the lake and the diverse structure with its islands, rocky points, sunken ridges, shoals, sandy shores and feeder streams has made it the perfect Walleye fishery. The availability of prime spawning grounds and the abundance of feeder-fish means not only do we have a high population of Walleye, we have big Walleyes.

Murray Lake has everything the Walleyes need, which is why the Walleye fishing is so much better than the other lakes. Murray Lake is parallel to the prevailing winds thus wave action on the many rocky points and islands produces oxygen rich water, which ensures a high survival rate of the Walleye's eggs.

Walleyes in Murray Lake are most common in the 1 to 3-pound range. These are the best eating sizes and can be caught in great numbers. We will point out the hot spots and brief you on what they are hitting and how deep they are. Guests who know the lake well have reported catching 80 to 100 Walleyes in a day. Knowing the lake well and being on the water when the weather conditions are just right for Walleye fishing is when you will have the best luck. You also have to consider that just like any lake, you may spend time going from spot to spot not catching anything and then hit a spot where it's one Walleye after another. The Walleyes are constantly moving around searching for schools of baitfish. Murray Lake also has sunken sandy plateaus with periodic patches of pickerel grass, sharp drop-offs and depths of over 100 feet. These areas are prime areas for slow drifting just off bottom for trophy Walleyes. The weeds attract bait fish and the weeds and deep water also give the bigger Walleyes the cover they need because the bigger a Walleye is the more sensitive their eyes are to sunlight.

Guests should run into a few Walleyes each day in the 3 to 4-pound range and sometimes bigger. From the Walleye opener until the end of June the availability of nice size Walleyes is excellent at any location. As we slide into the heat of the summer most of the big trophy Walleyes will go deep during the day. If it's the end of June or into July and you specifically want a trophy Walleye you need to fish deeper off the rocky points where you are catching the 2-pounders. Another way to get a trophy Walleye is just before dark until about 2 hours after dark troll along the sandy shoreline in 3-feet of water with small shallow running lures. Using an electric motor or casting can increase your chances.

We have a terrific Walleye population and it is because we have a policy where: Each license holder can keep only 1 Walleye between 18-22 inches for the week. No Walleye to be kept over 22-inches.

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