Ice Fishing

We are open all winter and for guests that come to enjoy the fabulous snowmobile trails; they can get access to some awesome ice fishing lakes. Some lakes can only be accessed in the winter as the roads have no motorized access any other time of year.There are logging roads, game trails, ATV trails and snowmobile trails with many lakes to explore. Over the last few winters we have scouted out some of the best ice fishing lakes you can imagine with guests catching lots of fish and having tons of fun.

We have ice fishing lakes that have great populations of Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout . We take people ice fishing but do not have our own ice huts. Guests need to bring their own ice-tents, auger and ice fishing equipment but we do have some extra things at camp to help outfit people. Warm clothing is very important.

We can take guests out for guided ice-fishing day trips if you bring your on sled. We keep the mile long driveway snowblown all winter so you can drive to the camp. Camps are insulated and have good woodstoves for heat.They are very warm and cozy in the coldest of nights.

A guest's Ice Fishing Trip / Report