Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout are one of the most misunderstood game-fish in North America. Many visitors to Ontario don't even think about Lake Trout because they don't have them where they live or they get caught up in the negative folklore, which is created by people that have never caught or eaten Lake Trout.

The fact is Lake Trout are a fantastic game-fish and a resource that is rarely taken advantage off. Lake Trout taste fantastic and are really hard fighters. Once you have brought up a big fat Lake Trout from the depths you will be hooked. People that know how to catch Lake Trout become fanatics. There are multiple methods for catching Lake Trout at different depths at different parts of the season. It's all explained on our Lake Trout Fishing tips page.

Murray Lake does have Lake Trout but it's not a viable population and we cannot consider Lake Trout to be a fishable species in the lake. Since most guests are only here for a week we want to make sure they catch lots of trout. With this in mind we have boat caches on prime Lake Trout lakes where guests will catch multiple trout. The following lakes are smaller lakes and the average size Lake Trout is around 2.5 pounds. A 2.5 pound Lake Trout is the perfect eating size.


2 Lake Trout lakes are a short drive from the lodge and easy to get to, if you have a quad. These are easy lakes to fish because they are small and the Lake Trout are not spread out over a wide area. Guests can expect to catch around 10 Lake Trout in a day of fishing. Most will be around 2.5 pounds. These numbers might seem low compared to Walleye or Smallmouth Bass but if you ask any experienced Lake Trout hunter and they will tell you 10 trout in a day is fantastic.

A third lake we send guests to is accessable by road. In this lake you can maybe catch your limit. There are also Brook Trout in this lake as well.

Ice-Fishing for Lake Trout:

In the winter guests find fantastic success when ice fishing for Lake Trout. Please take a look at our ice fishing page.

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