Grouse Hunting

Grouse hunting is getting more and more popular every year. By the time Grouse season opens the hot summer weather dissipates into cool comfortable fall days, which translates into a relaxing and enjoyable hunting experience. The area surrounding Murray Lake has a labyrinth of ATV trails, Snowmobile Trails and Game Trails where you can enjoy the beautiful fall weather, crisp clean air and fall foliage, while hunting down some tasty Grouse.

In our area the population of Ruffed Grouse and Spruce Grouse is outstanding. There are so many Grouse that we even have them walking around camp. A leisurely stroll from camp can produce some Grouse. 70% of the Grouse you see will be Ruffed Grouse and the rest will be Spruce Grouse. Occasionally guests spot a Sharptail Grouse but they are rare in our area and mostly found father west towards the Ontario Manitoba border.

We do not have a package specifically for Grouse hunting. Most guests just pay the usual cabin rates, because they fish and hunt. Moose hunters can purchase an additional small game license if they want to hunt Grouse.

Ontario Grouse & Small Game Regulations (.pdf)

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