Brook Trout Fishing

In Ontario Brook Trout are one of the most sought after species of trout and considered a delicacy. They have a flavor like no other fish on Earth. Most people in Ontario call them Speckled Trout but also accept the term Brook Trout. In Southern Ontario it's rare for a Brook Trout to get over 10 inches because they only exist in tiny spring-fed creeks. The bigger streams are too warm and have too much nitrate run-off from farmer's fields for them to survive. To find good Brook Trout fishing you have to come north.

Brook Trout Lakes:

There are a few nice spring-fed Brook Trout lakes in the Missanabie area and not too far from our lodge is a really nice Brook Trout lake. It is stocked by the MNR, and considered a put and take lake. This is a term used by the MNR for stocked lakes. It means they expect it to be fished. It's a small lake and motors are not neccessary. You can use an electric motor on a small fishing boat or use a canoe or kayak. In this lake guests have caught Brook Trout up to 7 pounds. That is a monster for this lake. Most of the Brook Trout you will catch will be in the 1 to 2.5 pound range. In the spring you can cast small spinners or Cleos. Some guests like to fly-fish. Later on after dinner, even in the summer, Brook Trout come up to the surface to feed on insects. You just have to be quiet and cast your fly to where you see ripples on the surface.

Brook Trout Streams:

There are also a few small streams in the area with Brook Trout. Most areas of these streams have too much bush cover for fly-fishing but a small hook and a worm will get the job done. There are areas that are open air and display good size pools where you can fly-fish for them. These streams produce some pan-fry size Brookies in the 9 to 12-inch range. On occasion a 15 or 16-inch Brook Trout will get caught but the streams are not big enough to support anything bigger. The Brook Trout caught in the streams are the best tasting ever. They have a dark red meat and have that distinctive Brook Trout flavor.

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