Black Bear Hunting: Hunting for Black Bear is a time honored family tradition at Murray Lake Cottages. We have five Bear Management Areas (BMAs) totaling 500 square kilometers (311 square miles). Our BMAs are stuffed with Black Bears and our guests enjoy a 90% harvest rate and a 100% sighting rate. Black Bears average between 200 and 250 pounds but guests have harvested many in the 300 to 450 pound range and we have even had a few Black Bears exceed 500 pounds. Guests have a choice of weapons when hunting Black Bear. Rifle, archery (bow), black powder and shotgun are all acceptable.
Moose Hunting: Moose are plentiful in the area due to the diverse landscape and remote location. Each year we receive approximately three non-resident Bull Moose tags and one Cow Moose tag. This may change every three years. Bull Moose in the area are common in the 900 to 1300 pound range with the occasional Bull that is much bigger. Cows are usually between 700 and 900 pounds. We can offer our Moose hunts to both archery (bow) and rifle hunters.
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