Walleye Fishing: The main attraction of our lake is the fantastic Walleye fishing. Walleye are the dominant species in the lake and our guests return year after year to catch a plentitude of these hard fighting and tasty fish. Walleyes in the 2 to 4-pound range are common with guests occasionally catch and releasing Trophy Walleyes. We have had guest report catching between 60 and 80 Walleye in a day and this is partly due to our release policy of all spawning size Walleyes over 22 inches.

Northern Pike Fishing: As the apex predators in the lake Northern Pike are also a huge favorite of our guests. Northern Pike are very easy to catch and hoards of them in the 2 to 6-pound range can be caught as well as good numbers of Northern Pike in the 7 to 12-pound range. Many guests travel to our lake to get the big Trophy Northerns. Guests who specifically target Northern Pike have a great chance at a 20-pounder. On occasion Northern Pike over 45 inches and close to 25 pounds get caught and released. Since owning the camp the largest Northern Pike caught by one of our guests was 47 inches.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing: Murray Lake is a rocky Canadian Shield Lake and the perfect habitat for Smallmouth Bass to proliferate in great numbers and get big. Smallmouth Bass are found all along the shore and off rocky structure. Guests many times report catching over 60 hard fighting Smallies in an afternoon with some big ones. Smallmouth Bass in the 1 to 3-pound mark are common in the lake. Those who specifically target the Bronzbacks can get rewarded with not only large Smallmouth Bass but trophy size. There are plenty of Smallmouth Bass in the 4 to 6-pound range that get caught with the occasional a 7-pounder.

Brook Trout & Lake Trout Fishing: We have several remote backcountry lakes that have outstanding Lake Trout and Brook Trout fishing. We have three small Lake Trout lakes where guests can expect to catch 10 to 20 Lake Trout in an afternoon with the sizes averaging around 2.5 pound, which is the best eating size for Lake Trout. We have a stocked spring-fed Brook Trout Lake near by where guests can spend the afternoon leisurely canoeing or kayaking the lake and catch Brook Trout in the 1/3 to 2.5 range. These lakes have produced Brook Trout as big as 7 pounds but that is a rare monster-size Brookie. There are also a few cold streams in the area that produce lots of Brook Trout in the 9 to 12-inch range with the occasional 15 or 16 incher.

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