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We have been personally hunting Moose in this area for 25 years. Normally when we get a tag we get our Moose. Last year was our first year with having non-resident adult Moose tags for sale at the lodge. Now our guests who are visitors to Ontario can enjoy the adventure of a wilderness Moose hunt.

In 2013 we received two bull tags and one cow tag. Two bulls were harvested in the first 3 days of hunt. Unfortunately a cow was not harvested. We also had a group bull tag and a Bull Moose was harvested on the first morning. When you buy a moose tag from an outfitter, the law states you are buying a package, and must stay at the outfitters accommodations, whether it be an out-post or the main lodge.

Murray Lake is located east of Lake Superior and in an area where the Moose population is healthy. Our Moose tags are for WMU 32 and WMU 33. Residents with their own tags are welcome to rent a cabin. Our Wildlife Management Unit is surrounded by WMUs 22, 23, 30, 31, 34 & 35.

We have a great diversity of landscapes in the area. There are many lakes and streams as well as bogs and marshes. There are logged areas and burn areas, which are a particular interest to experienced Moose hunters. Logged and Burn areas make the Moose more visible. Also, the first thing that grows in logged and burn areas is grasses and softwood trees. Moose that feed on grass and softwood leaves and bark have much better tasting meat than Moose in the far north that only have pine needles to eat.

In our area cows are common in the 700 to 900 pound range while bulls are common in the 900 to 1300 pound range. Bull Moose have been known to get much larger. 1500 to 1700 pound bulls are harvested each year in Ontario and there have been many bulls that witnesses say were close to 2000 pounds. We do not want you to expect to see a monster like that getting a 1300 pound bull is a great prize and a lot of steaks and mooseburgers. Moose meat is considered a supreme delicacy in Canada. Many hunters describe it as high quality and lean organic free-range beef. This is why once a person becomes a Moose hunter they are a fanatic for life. Moose meat is also a staple for many northern families. With very little work in the winter many people have to fill their freezer up with Moose meat to see them through the winter.

Non-resident hunters can only obtain a Moose tag through an Ontario outfitter that has been issued non-resident Moose tags. We will help you to retrieve your Moose once you get it. We have extensive knowledge of the area as well as a very good knowledge of where Moose are most likely to be found. Our assistance in making your Moose hunt successful is included in the package.

Additional Accommodations for Moose hunting north of Wawa

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