Loon Lake Outpost

Loon Lake Outpost Camp is a boat-in and portage-in outpost cabin. Itís a bit of work to get into but very rewarding when it comes to the quality of the fishing. From the south-end of McMurty Lake you will have two short 5-minute portages and a small lake to cross. The main advantage of this outpost is only our guests ever fish this lake and you will be alone with total privacy in a real backcountry wilderness environment.

Getting to the Cabin: You start out from our base-lodge on Murray Lake and drive the boat and your gear to the portage at the south-end of McMurty Lake. You leave the boat there and then you walk the first portage to a small lake where there are boats waiting for you. You cross the lake with your gear and then walk the second portage to where the cabin and boats are waiting for you.

We donít have motors at the outpost cabin. You can bring a small motor and gas if you wish. We have boats with oars and canoes with paddles. The lake is not too big and paddling to find the hot fishing spots is not a big deal.

There are lots of Northern Pike to be caught. Northern Pike are the dominant species and guests have caught-&-released Northern Pike over 40 inches in this lake. There are Walleye in the lake as well so catching shore lunch or dinner is never a problem. This lake is very popular for our guests who love catching Northern Pike and want a 20-pounder. We ask that all big Northerns are treated with care and released. We want to keep the fishing at a spectacular level.

The outpost camp is a rustic log cabin. There is a propane refrigerator, stove and lights. The outpost camp is equipped with dishes, pots, pans and cutlery. There is a wood burning stove for heat. It is rustic and you will need to pack conservatively in a manner that would be similar to taking an interior trip into the backcountry of a provincial park. The difference is you do not need to bring tents. The cabin is more comfortable than a tent and will protect you from the weather. If you are healthy and crave a real wilderness experience and donít mind doing a little physical work, this will be a great adventure that you will never forget.

Map of Loon Lake

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